More of a first visit for me, but some readers may remember this 2mm finescale layout from the early 90's, which I do believe was exhibited at the 7th Biennial Model Railway Exhibition of The Railway Enthusiasts' Club, also, unless I am mistaken ( which I probably will be ) on the 14th & 15th September 1991. It could be that the 7th Biennial was on these dates.

The layout is in 4x 4'x2' sections making a total length of 16'. I would appreciate if anybody could provide further details of this model, please contact.

A previous owner of this layout started to take up the track from the branchline, and there are a couple of other bits that need attending to.

Future plans include removing all of the existing 2mm track and replacing with Standard Peco N Gauge track, probably a mixture of Concrete and Wooden sleepers, all code 80 as that is what I have available. Repairing parts of the Scenery that have sustained damage. And possibly a bit of an expansion of the whole station area. Ideas are still yet to manifest, I shall see what happens as time goes by.


So far I have been reinforcing some of the legs ( a few more yet to do ). I have also removed the track and tunnel of the Branch Line on the last board ( board 4 ), I intend to make the tunnel a little longer and have a point in the tunnel, to enable two trains to alternate stock used on the Branch Line. I have removed the Finescale pointwork from the fiddle yard, and removed the wall on board 4 joining board 4 and 3. The main reason for this is that during transportation, board 1 & 2 fit together but 3 & 4 do not, so I am making it so that they do. I will also remove the wall from board 3 and build up the hill a bit more to hide the fiddle yard.